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Diabetes Prevention

     Often individuals blame their conditions of their genetics as if it was written in stone. We all have heard the joke "is not that diabetes runs in your family, is that no one runs in your family". Despite the humor in that statement in certain ways it's true.

     There is no way specific or proven way to prevent diabetes. Diabetes Type 1 is an autoimmune disease while Diabetes type 2 is associated with family genetics. While genetics due play a very big role so does the lifestyle. Diabetes type 2 is caused by developing insulin resistance which is closely associated with weight and fat percentage in the body. Maintaining a healthy weight helps to keep it at bay, but sometimes it’s not enough, we need to manage what we eat.

     I personally and professionally always joke that if it tastes good then you shouldn't eat it, which is not always the case. ADA type diet consists in fueling your body constantly with smaller meals and of low glycemic index. Think of your body like a steam engine, in order to work it has to be "fed" the coal little by little because it will all burn at once. Our body is very similar. If you feed in constantly the sugar levels never spike up.

     You might be thinking, what is glycemic index? Well, I'm no nutritionist but this is a measurement of how quickly certain foods raise the blood glucose levels. Let's say you're out enjoying a football game and we have the typical snacks. Low glycemic will be the vegetable sticks, chicken wings and pretty much anything that contains meat. The enemy will be those delicious nachos, tortilla, pita bread, and pretty much almost that is not a green veggie or a protein. If any of you reading is a nutritionist please don't be angry at my oversimplification, but I find it easier to remember this way.

     If you learn anything from this is that it's no myth that a healthy lifestyle can lead to avoiding the diabetes for a very long time, but in some cases doesn’t matter how much you run it will always catch you.

Jax Lopez MD Doctor by trade, Dr Lopez likes to think himself as a traditionally outside the box type of individual. He enjoys taking his time to get to know his patients and his goal is for them to feel at ease and trust him. When he is not busy working you can find him riding his bicycle, at the gym or at your nearest pizza parlor.

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